Unless you went to a progressive private school where you addressed teachers by their first names, and instead of P.E. you did yoga, your sex education was probably low budget. The girls and boys in my school were separated into two rooms: the boys were taught how to masturbate in one room and the girls were taught how to use a pad in the other. That was it. That was the whole class.

Now imagine a world, just for a second, where girls and boys are kept in the same classroom, so that you not only get to know about yourself, but the bodies of those around you. SENSATIONAL.

Today marks the first step in the journey towards becoming a qualified sex educator, (degree pending), in an attempt to empower you to become a more self-aware human being. Sex affects us all and you should be allowed to be a part of the conversation no matter your race, class, religious beliefs, and most importantly, your gender.

All of the information in my posts related to sex are my opinion based off of research and experience. I am in no way claiming to be a professional, and as always, recommend speaking to one when making decisions about your mental and/or sexual health.

NB: I am not a gynaecologist. Contact a healthcare professional before taking my advice.

Today we will be talking about masturbation for those who have a vulva. Let's get started!


The first, and most crucial part of masturbation, is knowing your anatomy. If you have a vulva, chances are it'll look something like this:

Image: Lucy Han via Teen Vogue

If you've never seen your vulva before, grab a mirror and have a look! Once you've familiarised yourself with what your vulva looks like, you can start to understand what it likes.

Although there are many ways someone with a vulva can reach orgasm, we're going to focus on clitoral and vaginal stimulation to reach the big O:

#1: PORN

I've spoken to a couple of people who say they can get off on imagination alone, and while that might be effective if you live with your parents, most people need audio and visual aids to flick the bean. There are endless amounts of genres out there, you just have to find one that tickles your fancy, (or clitoris, in this case).

(If you don't want to watch porn, try magazines or erotic novels!)


If it's your first time masturbating it might take some time to find what works best for you, so make sure you're comfortable. If you still live with your parents, I'd recommend finding a time when you're alone or when they're asleep. Lock your door, (to avoid potential walk-ins) and put some earphones in.


Not sure where to start? Click here.


Delete your browser history if there's a chance you'll be embarrassed if someone finds it, wash your hands and go on with your day.

Masturbation is made to seem dirty and unnatural, especially for people with vulvas, but it is safe, and doesn't make you any more tainted than the next person. Read the benefits of masturbating from the experts over at Killer And A Sweet Thang, here.

Cum again soon!

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